What is account team? can we create default account team?

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An account team is a team of users that work together on an account. For example, your account team may include an executive sponsor, dedicated support representative, and project manager.
You can build an account team on each account that you own. When selecting an account team member, choose a role to indicate the role the person plays on the account. Also, depending on your sharing model, you can specify the level of access each account team member will have to the account and any contacts, opportunities, or cases associated with that account. So, you can give some team members read-only access and others read/write access.
You can also set up a default account team. Your default account team should include the users that you normally work with on your accounts. You have the option to automatically add your default account team to all of your accounts.
In a custom list view, you can filter account lists by the account teams in which you are a member. When creating or editing a custom list view for accounts, simply select the My Account Teams filter. In account reports, you can filter accounts by the account teams in which you are a member.

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