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posted Jan 20, 2017 in Business Analysis by gntpriyanka (100 points)

1. Why did you do MBA
2. What do you understand about Ecommerce platforms
3. How is it different from CMS
4. Which Ecommerce platforms you have worked with
5. What are different modules of E Commerce platforms
6. Have you worked from scratch on any requirement for creating platform
7. What is responsive design
8. share your experience of Bed Bath and Beyond
9. What was the size of your team? asked twice
10. Through which company you were working in BB& B?
11. How many total employees would be there?
12. Was there any other company working alongside?
13. What was your role in Dialight
14. which tools did you use to work in your project
15. what do you mean by omni channel
16. What are the challenges for Platform migration
17. How did you work on Endeca, what was your role?
18. What is the difference between Oracle ATG and IBM websphere
19. How do you integrate different data points - difference in Front end and back end
20. Which tools did you use to create wireframes and mock ups
21. Why did you leave BB&B and did not continue further? 


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