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posted Jan 20, 2017 in Business Analysis by gntpriyanka (100 points)

1) what do you mean by Data Stewards and Data Owner?
2) How to find Duplicate records? Sql query
3) where to use having clause?
4)are you aware of DW and DM concept?
5) what is Type-2 dimension table?
6)in type -2 DW other than strt dt and end dt wht field can be use?
7)data lineage approach how you work in past?
8)in oracle Data mart does not look right how to fix it?
9)no documentation available how to find metadata e.g. source information ? precisely in oracle?
10)did you use etl code to see the data?
11)have you read pl/sql code?
12) query tuning if it take more time?
13) how to insure security of the dat?
14) how much rate your self in oracle?
15) do you know partition in oracle? 


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