Business Analyst , American Red Cross

posted Jan 20, 2017 in Business Analysis by gntpriyanka (100 points)

1. Give an intro, mention your strengths and run through your last project
2. Have you worked on platform migration
3. What work have you done using platforms
4. How do you gather requirement
5. How do you take any requirement and see to the closure
6. What have you worked on analytics and what reports you made
7. Have you created UI, how did you go about creating wireframes
8. Have you written UAT scripts
9. What work you have done around testing
10. How do you manage difficult stakeholders
11. Are you willing to work 10 - 12 hours documenting the requirement
12. Why do you want to join Red Cross
13. How do you manage defects
14. Give an example where you have broken down a business requirement into a functional requirement
15. How do you know what has to be done next?
16. Have you worked with Data?
17. Have you given an idea or suggestion
18. What was a difficult situation and how did you manage 


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