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posted Jan 20, 2017 in UI Developer by swaroop (100 points)

1. Do you know JPA or Hibernate?
2. How to access or call a given set of table or column in hibernate (backend only)?
3. Different components or layers to build access the data in hibernate?
4. What is an entity class and how to relate that with table?
5. How show hibernate that given field is associated to the colum?
6. How do you list in entity, define entity class?
7. How do you use hibernate to look uo instance?
8. How to use/interact changes to table?
9. How to fetch data in hibernate on a given method?
10. What is entity manager?
11. What is session factory?
12. What is webpack?
13. In jQuery, how to change color or a given link to red when you hover on them?
14. How to make a Ajax call?
15. In CSS style, how to hide?
16. In CSS difference between none vs hidden?
17. What is box model?
18. Difference between padding and margin?
19. Difference between LESS and SASS?
20. What is browser vendor prefix and how it helps?
21. Difference between Json and JavaScript?
22. What is the structure of Jason object? 


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