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posted Jan 20, 2017 in SQL Server by martinziller218 (100 points)
What are different Transactions are there in SSIS?

What are the package configurations are there in SSIS?

Have you ever deal with the XML source?

I've package for which all the configuration is stored in the SQL table. Now


can I access that SQL table from my SSIS package with my username and

the credentials?

Have you used SCD? How do you configure SCD type 1?

Alternative of SCD.

Differentiate SCD & CDC.

How can you avoid SORT transformation?

What are the logging options available in SSIS?

Except the logging option is there any way you can log results of each


What is the phase name which is used to get the log of records processed


DFT execution?

How can you load the data in the table as the same sequence as it is in the


How have you deployed the packages in your previous projects?

Where does the project get saved when you deploy them?

My package was failed after it has loaded 50 records now how can I start


the 51th record next time I run the package after fixing it?

Is checkpoint option is available at the Data flow level?

How can one get last day of the previous month using a T-SQL query?
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